What Makes Us Sick

We have a body that’s meant to be healthy. That’s the plan, that’s the design. But a funny thing happened on the way into this life, we lost the directions on how it works.

Today, science moves forward into discoveries constantly. One of the most exciting is the development of the science of epigenetics. “Epi” means

above. The word literally means above genetics and it implies how genes are controlled by their environment. Prior to the development of epigenetics, it was thought that a person’s inherited genes foretold their future health. One had the gene or one didn’t.

The development of epigenetics goes further. Today we know through the work of people like Dr. Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist, that genes are not a sentence to a predetermined health outcome. Genes interact with proteins. The previous understanding was that one gene would create one protein. Today we have learned that one gene can create 30,000 different variations of a protein and depending upon that interaction, the function of the gene can be changed.

This is important because when stem cells start out, their function is not predetermined. A cell’s function will be determined by its experiences. “Epigenetic tags act as a kind of cellular memory. A cell’s epigenetic profile — a collection of tags that tell genes whether to be on or off — is the sum of the signals it has received during its lifetime.” And, it is this epigenetic profile that determines what the function of the cell will ultimately be. Genes are important, but it is the epigenetic profile that directs the genes and thence the cells.

So, what makes the difference? What causes a gene to alter its function? The answer is, experience. As a gene goes through time, there are different needs that have to be met by the body. Since genes are adaptable, they may become what is needed.

Who does the directing? Who tells the genes what to become? You do. You are not aware of it, yet. But, it’s you. Your thoughts, your actions, your focus sets everything in motion for sickness, for health. You observe and communicate the perceived condition of your environment to your body. Sounds astonishing, doesn’t it.

After years of reading and research, and learning how we work from the works of people like Dr. Bruce Lipton and his award winning book Biology of Belief, Richard Gerber, MD, the author of Vibrational Medicine, Brian Greene’s physics based books, The Elegant Universe and The Fabric of the Cosmos, one learns that we are subtle energetic beings and capable of directing our own health. This is accomplished through our perceptions of our environment. We are constantly observing our surroundings and determining if we are in danger or if everything is OK, if we are safe.

Most of us have not acquired the skill of intentional self healing, even though we unintentionally make ourselves sick or healthy every day. Yet if we can understand that our health is dependent upon the maintenance of our subtle energies or energetics, if we understand this, then our next question should be, “Can we measure these subtle energies to see if they are lacking or are operating as they should?”

The answer to this question of measurement of the subtle energies is “yes, they can be measured”. Secondly, they can also be adjusted or tuned. We call this session of energy measurement and energy adjustment Bio-Communications Diagnostics. Here we can see the body responds in much the same way as a musical instrument. If two tuned guitars are placed side by side and the “e” string is struck on one, the “e” string on the other will start to vibrate. However, if the “e” string is not in tune, if its vibrational frequency has not been tuned, the string will not vibrate, it will not respond.

In the human body, all of our organs, glands and body systems have their own unique subtle vibrational frequencies. When a body part is identified as being out of tune, the question then becomes “how can we change the current vibrational frequency back to its healthy vibrational frequency?”

This is accomplished by exposing the body part to its proper vibratory frequency rate.The body part in need of vibratory restoration has lost its vibrational memory.Such things as flower essences, crystals, nutritional supplements and different foods all have their own vibrational frequencies. Once exposed to the proper operational frequency, the body part will start to return to normal vibratory functioning. Its vibrational memory will be restored. This is a process of measuring energetic levels throughout the body and then identifying and matching the weakened or malfunctioning body part with its vibratory restorative.

Through the use of items such as flower essences, crystals, nutritional supplements and foods whose vibratory rates are known, proper vibratory health and hence proper function and health can be restored.

Health may also be maintained and improved using this same approach. Before physical disease or sickness presents itself, vibratory deterioration can be detected and the proper restorative can be applied. It is non-chemical and it’s effective.

The bottom line is: if you tend to your body’s vibrational needs, you’ll keep your life in a state of physical harmony and you’ll help support your mental and emotional well being. While we can go on for volumes, the bottom line is, that’s what we do.