Peter is dedicated to the total healing of his clients. He  is versatile and employs many different healing modalities.
The diagnostic tools he used to determine my body's needs were accurate and targeted very specific conditions that we addressed. The supplements he recommended were top notch and very helpful. I saw major improvement in my health and energy levels after  Brazilian Light-work.  All of  Peter's energy and bodywork with me has been very helpful. The meditation sessions have been awesome.


Being in meditation group with Peter is like meditating with the angels (or masters). Feelings of divine peace, love and joy permeate the room. As these higher emotions encompass the group they are extended into the universe. With the intention of creating healing and oneness for all sentient beings.


My experience with Peter Howe, was necessary in my life...I was looking for long time for a person like him,with his analogy, and honesty ...and finally I find him.
Thanks !!!!


I met Peter 20 years ago and since then he has seen me through numerous body injuries, pregnancies, emotional and spiritual trauma, not to mention day-to-day health!  His knowledge base never ceases to amaze me, and he seems to always reinvent his wheel, Learning something new, or going through a spiritual experience that brings him to the next level. Peter is knowledgeable, professional, present, and truly cares about each and every person who steps into his office.  I trust him not only with my physical health, but spiritually as well.   I cannot recommend Peter enough! Love to you~

-Tara Kilgallen

Peter is my go to body-worker. His knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed. He also has a great sense of humor. 

-Joanna Stull RN, LMHC

Peter, you have given us so much, the words were a small tribute. Love,


Thank you for your amazing words this morning. It was truest a great gathering last night. Big hugs.


Peter, just want you to know the feelings of love and peace which came through last night have been here with me all day. What a powerful and beautiful triangle we had! Love,


Peter Howe helped me tremendously.  Before seeing him, my posture was poor, and I had an altered gait due to arthritis pain in my hip.  Through his massage, his education about general principles and my particular condition, and with continued daily practice of the stretching that he taught me, I now am improved to the point that I walk with my normal stride, almost pain-free.  Moreover, my posture is greatly improved, and I have an overall increase in the feeling of well-being. 

-Barney Freiberg-Dale

I cannot commend Peter Howe’s work highly enough. It is a rare opportunity to meet somebody of his caliber in the healing profession, with such dedication to his work. I have never felt such a strong sense of peace and focus. I have greater clarity and a deeper sense of purpose in my life, not to mention the tremendous benefits to my physical health. Peter is very gifted in his work and he does it with a great spirit of unconditional love, support, and openness.

-S. O.