Subtle Body (Biofield) Supports Quantum Health

The declining health for most Americans can be readily observed simply by noticing the amount of commercials on TV that talk about cancer research, high blood pressure and cholesterol, depression, and on and on.

We have heard the alternative health doctors and professionals talk about the adverse side effects of vaccines and foods made up of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). And we’ve all heard the arguments about organic versus nonorganic food, the raw diet, the vegan diet, and every other diet. And we have heard about the ill effects cell phones and Wi-Fi have upon us. And of course the ill effects of mind over body.

It seems that every which way we move these days we are being accosted with messages about some health issue or another. We can’t live in our homes because of the off gassing, electrical wiring, cell phones, and the food in our refrigerators. Then we step into our cars to go to work and again we are accosted by EMFs and emissions. Next, we step in to our places of employment, which are filled with cell phones, WI-FI, and microwave ovens, which we’re also told can harm us. Then at the end of the day we drive home and repeat it all over again.

But amid the many messages we receive about how to try and be healthy and happy, we hear nothing about going to the root causes of our personal health issues. Sorry to sound so defeatist, but I needed to set the foundation for what I’m about to share. I have been involved in the alternative health field since the late ’70s, when practicing chiropractic adjustments were illegal in Massachusetts, and people were told that acute or chronic pain due to soft tissue injury was all in their heads.

Fortunately, we have come a long way. For years I have worked with people on their various physical injuries and sundry health issues ranging from A to Z. Many people would get well and many would not. It was not until I started working with the Biofield— the subtle aspect of our body— and the compromising effects of a physical trauma—referred to as an interference field (IF)—that things really started to make sense.

When we have an injury, be it a concussion, stitches, a broken bone, or something as small as a vaccination, it is considered an insult to the Biofield. Yes, it is important to repair the broken bone and address the concussion, but it is equally as important to attend to the body’s post trauma as well.

In my field I have found that when the Biofield has received an insult that is then healed, most of us go on about our business forgetting and, in most cases, not knowing and therefore not addressing our subtle body. Our subtle body is the part that communicates and supports the true quality of our health. If we do not address the issues of trauma to the body, then the brain/body communication starts to break down, nutrition is not as effective, healing takes longer, and other issues begin to surface for no other reason.

Sound familiar?