Zyto™ Bio-Communication



Zyto Bio-Communications is a non-invasive test that painlessly measures the body’s electrical responses to computer-generated digital stressors as a way to determine which areas in the body are being challenged by viruses, allergens, or pollutants. Readings are taken through the skin via a cradle the hand is placed on.

zyto bio communication scan framingham, ma

Since each organ and gland in the body has a measurable electrical signature, then these measurements obtained through Zyto Bio-Communications can determine if a specific organ, body system, or gland function is testing low. If this is the case, then nutrients that have a frequency equal to a healthy gland or organ are used to bring the organ or gland back to a normal state.

One can actually monitor the results with each retest as the targeted organ, gland, or body system regains normal health. Once healthy, the body has established “Baseline Health.” Each year, a diagnostic test can be run to make sure the body is maintaining its baseline health profile.

Is Zyto Bio-Communications Right for You?

Zyto Bio-Communication is for people who would like to monitor their health and who believe the best time to address a health issue is before it becomes an issue. If you are interested in:

  • Seeing what stressors are affecting your body’s organs, glands, and systems
  • Determining how to best maintain your baseline health
  • Maintaining your baseline health

then Zyto Bio-Communications can help you.

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