Lyme Disease Support & Coaching in Massachusetts

Alternative and Holistic Approach to Lyme and its Symptoms.

Is Lyme Disease ruining your life? Have you been tested negative but still have unexplained symptoms?  Through my dedicated research and approach to holistic wellness and alternative healing, I was able to overcome Lyme and its elusive symptoms.  I help all clients identify what works for them personally, and customize a comprehensive program.

Locate the Source of Your Lyme Disease

One of the most difficult aspects of Lyme is the spirochete bacterium. It creates a protective sheath(biofilms) from antibiotics and may settle in many of the body’s systems, including the brain, the bloodstream, and major organs.  Since the spirochete is elusive and able to transform itself into many other types of bacteria, testing methods thus far have been inaccurate or misleading.

One-on-One Lyme Disease Health Program in MA

In my Lyme Disease protocol, we use effective bio-communication methodology to identify systemic issues associated with your Lyme and its coinfections. Customized programs are then developed which include nutrition, herbal remedies, and heavy metal and parasite detoxification to bring relief and healing. Once a program is started, I help you maintain optimum results through ongoing modifications and accountability.

    • Inflammation
    • Joint pain
    • Emotional suffering
    • Digestive failures
    • Allergies
    • Weight issues
    • Sleep issues
    • Fatigue
  • Memory loss (foggy brain)

Lyme Support  Groups near Framingham, MA

I help to facilitate and develop a community support group for those affected by Lyme.  As an alternative health professional, I encourage all participants to look at their healing journey in a personal, comprehensive way. Whether chronic or acute, I help participants find relief from the mental, emotional, and physical  symptoms from Lyme.

Alternative Health Practices for Dealing with Lyme in MA

I am available locally to provide effective, holistic approaches for Lyme Disease. No two cases are alike, and I treat every client with respect and kindness. If you’re ready to experience the relief that can come from herbal remedies and detoxification, reach out to me today!

Services offered locally in Framingham, Sudbury, Natick, Northborough, Wellesley, and surrounding towns in Massachusetts.