About Peter

zyto bio communications scan framingham, maMy name is Peter Seymour Howe and I am an alternative health practitioner and a certified neuromuscular therapist. My entry into the world of health and wellness was sparked by my own desire for healing.

In searching for ways to mend the deeper pains within my own life, my journey led me to many great teachers who generously shared their wisdom and ways of healing with me. They taught me profound ways to work with physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain, and they provided me with an opportunity to heal myself, live without pain, find greater peace, and live my life with deeper levels of forgiveness, compassion, and love. My experiences with those sages allow me to offer my knowledge and skills to those who wish to reach new levels of happiness, health, and wellbeing.

Through my own observations and personal journeys I discovered that “dis-ease” emanates from several planes simultaneously and that physical recovery accelerates dramatically when all four dimensions of healing—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual—are addressed together. My multi-dimensional approach toward achieving wellness weaves the powerful threads of many disciplines into a unique tapestry of healing that I offer to those who seek to eliminate pain without the use of drugs.

By exploring different types of healing techniques and modalities in my own life, I learned that the choices we make enable us to avoid the deep-seeded issues in our lives, which can allow pain to take hold in the tissues of our bodies. Our bodies are no more than warehouses for storing information, and it is this information that can create resistance (or chaos) within us. Resistance within the body can create problems that lead to pain, chronic illnesses, back issues, heart disease, knee pain, and neuromuscular distortions. My own journey to self-healing provided me with the tools and techniques necessary to help others heal themselves. It is my honor and privilege to share what I have learned and know to be true with all who wish to discover that wellness is within reach.