What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You! Allergies

Can you guess what this is?

Can you guess what this is?

Spring is here and with it often come what people perceive to be as allergies. Runny noses, itchy eyes, and low-grade fever are just some of the symptoms people find themselves dealing with. But hope is not lost! You do NOT have to suffer. But before a resolution can be developed, it’s important to get to the root cause of the problem, rather than just fighting with the symptoms.

Allergies are actually sensitivities to a stimulant or trigger—food, chemicals, and/or the environment. Organ congestion, parasites, yeast overgrowth, emotional triggers, and a toxic environment commonly cause allergies.

The symptoms of so-called allergies are nothing more than a reflex or the body’s reaction to a burdened state of toxicity/overload. Therefore, what people think of as allergies are really the body’s way of showing its inability to cope with its state of toxicity and organ burden.

If you are like most people who suffer from allergies, you may have turned to prescription medications or over-the-counter remedies such as anti-histamines, decongestants, nasal sprays, eye drops, and inhalers, to manage your allergies Some of you try to avoid the triggers of allergies and may have resigned yourselves to living in a confined environment full of air purifiers and other filtered air systems. Many of you may also have tried allergy shots.


My solution is to see what organs are in need of cleansing and strengthening (tonifying). This is done with QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis) a simple, painless, and effective way to examine the layers of what’s going on with your allergies. Also, not commonly known, but allergies can often be related to emotional traumas. For example, a person may be eating broccoli and then see their pet run over. Years later, they may become acutely allergic to  broccoli. There are ways to safely and effectively reintroduce that food to the body. QRA can also begin to identify your allergens and recommend what nutritional support might be needed.


I hope this post helps you realize that you don’t have to suffer with allergies, and/or rely on ineffective over-the-counter medications. Have you suffered from allergies? What methods have you found that work for you? Have you ever tried an all-natural approach? I welcome comments and questions.


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Pain Is A Signal: Back Pain

Pain Is A Signal: Back Pain


Pain is actually a physical symptom telling the body something is wrong. It often manifests itself in the body as a response to: poorly treated past injuries; overexertion; common, everyday work-related activities; and inactivity. Stress, emotional life, or even spiritual issues can also result in physical pain.

Typically, traditional medicine treats the symptom of pain, but not its root cause. Responding to pain by taking over-the-counter or prescription medications serves to treat the symptom but does not address the cause of the pain.

Take back pain, for example. Western society faces a huge epidemic of low back pain due to continuous sitting, inactivity, and poor diet. Uninterrupted sitting and inactivity can create a neuromuscular response in the body to shorten muscle length, resulting in decreased range of motion and—often—pain. Muscle shortening and decreased range of motion then creates a biomechanical dysfunction within the joints, causing anatomical discrepancies in leg length and pelvis alignment. These anatomical discrepancies lead to spinal misalignment, which in turn causes pain in the limbs.

In an effort to survive, the body seeks to protect itself by correcting or compensating for any imbalances. However, with back pain, the body does not know how to go to the source of the pain, so its first response is to protect the injured area. The body’s second response is to begin to repair the injured area nutritionally.
To repair the injured area, the body responds to pain by tightening, reducing the range of motion, creating inflammation to protect and immobilize the painful area, and by producing endorphins and other chemicals that serve as a mask. The body then compensates its posture and biomechanics to move away from the source of the pain.

Since the body’s survival mechanism is to keep the eyes level and the body coordinated within its surroundings, it creates distortions—twisting of the torso, shortening of the leg, tilting of the neck, lowering or moving the shoulder forward, rotation of the pelvis—which lead to more spinal and neurological stress. As a therapist it is crucial to understand biomechanics and our relationship to gravity. When a person’s posture is compromised our relationship with gravity is far from the path of least resistance.

My job as practitioner is to release those shortened muscles that are distorting a person’s posture due to whatever the circumstance is and to show the patient various movements and stretches to help improve their posture so they can move with the least pressure/distortion on their joints, which then releases the pressure on their nerves. This, in turn, releases their pain in most cases, which improves their relationship with gravity. It has been reported time and time again how much more energy and ease clients feel after making those changes.

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Subtle Body (Biofield) Supports Quantum Health

Subtle Body (Biofield) Supports Quantum Health

The declining health for most Americans can be readily observed simply by noticing the amount of commercials on TV that talk about cancer research, high blood pressure and cholesterol, depression, and on and on.

We have heard the alternative health doctors and professionals talk about the adverse side effects of vaccines and  foods made up of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). And we’ve all heard the arguments about organic versus nonorganic food, the raw diet, the vegan diet, and every other diet. And we have heard about the ill effects cell phones and Wi-Fi have upon us. And of course the ill effects of mind over body.

It seems that every which way we move these days we are being accosted with messages about some health issue or another. We can’t live in our homes because of the off gassing, electrical wiring, cell phones, and the food in our refrigerators. Then we step into our cars to go to work and again we are accosted by EMFs and emissions. Next, we step in to our places of employment, which are filled with cell phones, WI-FI, and microwave ovens, which we’re also told can harm us. Then at the end of the day we drive home and repeat it all over again.

But amid the many messages we receive about how to try and be healthy and happy, we hear nothing about going to the root causes of our personal health issues. Sorry to sound so defeatist, but I needed to set the foundation for what I’m about to share. I have been involved in the alternative health field since the late ’70s, when practicing chiropractic adjustments were illegal in Massachusetts, and people were told that acute or chronic pain due to soft tissue injury was all in their heads.

Fortunately, we have come a long way. For years I have worked with people on their various physical injuries and sundry health issues ranging from A to Z. Many people would get well and many would not. It was not until I started working with the Biofield— the subtle aspect of our body— and the compromising effects of a physical trauma—referred to as an interference field (IF)—that things really started to make sense.

When we have an injury, be it a concussion, stitches, a broken bone, or something as small as a vaccination, it is considered an insult to the Biofield. Yes, it is important to repair the broken bone and address the concussion, but it is equally as important to attend to the body’s post trauma as well.

In my field I have found that when the Biofield has received an insult that is then healed, most of us go on about our business forgetting and, in most cases, not knowing and therefore not addressing our subtle body. Our subtle body is the part that communicates and supports the true quality of our health. If we do not address the issues of trauma to the body, then the brain/body communication starts to break down, nutrition is not as effective, healing takes longer, and other issues begin to surface for no other reason.

Sound familiar?

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